Don't forget the PPE for fall projects | SafetyGloves by HexArmor | SafetyGloves by HexArmor

September 21, 2022 4 min read

Summer is over and it’s time for you to take inventory of all the projects that have piled up on your Fall to-do list. It may not be obvious, but some projects are riddled with sharps, edges, and harmful noise levels that can lead to unexpected injury. But don’t worry… Clearing brush? Gutter cleaning? Blowing leaves? Pruning trees?... You name it, we’ve got you covered. Some tasks, although testy, can still be done safely with the right PPE. Let’s see your options:

Safety Gloves

Helix® 3050
Ultimate abrasion resistance

Helix 3050 seamless knit safety glove

If you’re looking for an extremely dexterous, eco-friendly glove with unmatched abrasion resistance, you’ve found it. The all-new Helix® 3050 is designed to give you a solid grip with a slightly tacky, PrimeSoft palm coating that is perfect for getting a firm grasp on lawn mower handles, electric pruning shears, and more without worrying about wearing from abrasive materials. The knit wrist keeps dirt and yard debris from entering your glove keeping your hands free of pesky pokes and skin irritability. Plus, its eco-friendly construction made from recycled water bottle material lets you feel good about what you’re wearing.



Rig Lizard ® Thin Lizzie™ 2095
Premium impact resistance

Take on the heavy lifting with confidence knowing that smash and pinch injuries

Rig Lizard Thin Lizzie 2095 safety gloves with impact protection

won’t slow you down. The Rig Lizard® Thin Lizzie™ 2095 is built tough with full back-of-hand impact protection from the tips of the fingers back to the base of the wrist. Feel protected against sharp edges and metals with 360° ANSI/ISEA Level A6 cut resistance without sacrificing dexterity. Designed for security, the 2095 is complete with a dependable seamless construction, a knit wrist, and an additional palm coating giving you more grip control in wet or dry situations.


Chrome SLT® 4061
Classic leather work glove

Chrome SLT 4061 leather safety glove

We love that new leather smell and feel, and we know you do too. Our Chrome SLT® 4061 is an overall classic when it comes to general duty work gloves. Offering unrivaled protection with a full goatskin leather construction, you get the traditional mechanic-style feel with upgraded safety features. Expect form-fitting quality materials without losing the manual dexterity that you love. An internal aramid liner provides you with 360° degree ANSI/ISEA Level A5 cut resistance, whereas the leather exterior gives you a solid grip in dry and light oil situations.


Amber tinted safety eyewear

Fall evenings tend to get darker quicker the more we head towards winter – especially after 5:00 PM in the Midwest. Amber-tinted safety eyewear lenses enhance visual contrast allowing you to see better in lower light situations. Each of the following options feature Amber tinted lenses and dual industry-leading anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, but the fit and frame range from each product to another.



Get the lightweight yet stable feel with the slip-free, MX300 safety eyewear

MX300 eyewear with amber lens


Complete with full coverage, wraparound lens design, and a seamless soft brow guard, your eyes will be protected from any flying leaves, dust, or dirt. Going to be wearing them all day? No worries. The smooth nose piece hugs the bridge of your nose just right to ensure you have a secure, zero-pressure experience.




MX250 eyewear with amber lens

The MX250 protects your eyes in disguise with its slimmer, modern design that does away with the chunky, overbearing look of regular safety glasses. With the panoramic lens design, you can expect extended lateral vision that’s great for getting a wider range of vision and soft-grip side arms that give you a comfortable, secure fit.






MX200 eyewear with amber lens

Looking for a full range of vision? Look no further. The MX200 is constructed with a wraparound lens that delivers maximum protection but gives you the most optimal field of vision. Look up, down, and side to side with no distortion or limited peripheral views with the extended lenses. The low-pressure side grips keep the safety glasses snug on your face making it ideal for high-movement tasks like gutter cleaning and pruning.


Hearing protection

Last, but not least… “loud noises!” … are the opposite of what your ears are wanting. Trust us, we’ve done a lot of tinnitus research, and everything that we’ve found does NOT sound like fun so, give your ears a break when you can. We know that leaf blowing, mowing, and sawing aren’t necessarily relaxing tasks, but at least your ears will make it through unscathed with our hearing protection options.


K-Series® K1 earmuffs


K-Series® K1 earmuffs

The K-series® K1 earmuffs are the muffs you’re going to want if you’ve got a day in the garage with handheld tools and table saws as they are designed for mid-level noises.






K-Series® K2 earmuffs

K-Series® K2 earmuffs

The K-series® K2 earmuffs are the ones you want for the yardwork days with the leaf blower and chainsaw where the noise levels are a little more piercing. Both earmuffs, however, have adjustable side arms and a padded headband for all-day comfort for working those long hours. The snug-fitting, soft ear cushions adapt to the surface of your head to give you a comfortable, pressure-free wear.

You’ve got it Fall figured out

There you have it! If you’re looking to get prepared for this Fall early – we are certain you are looking in the right place. If you want to see more about our products, click the links above to see what current customers are already saying about our PPE. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us. Stay safe out there!