January 25, 2023 2 min read

Working through the colder seasons is tough, and having the right gloves will make all the difference between your fingers being frozen stiff while working outside (or worse, suffering an injury), or getting your work done safely like a champ with minimal cold interference. 

There's a slew of cold weather injuries that range from bad, to really bad, like frostbite and hypothermia, but our goal is to keep you from falling victim to a few of them. Or at least the ones that affect the hands. So, what are your options when it comes to cold-weather gloves? We got you. 


Severe weather conditions?

When it is colder than cold, frozen nose cold, we recommend our safety gloves that feature a C100 Thinsulate™ level – this is our highest level of warmth offerings. For reference, C100 Thinsulate™ has been tested and proven to offer more warmth than a heavy winter coat. If you're looking for that warmth, the Chrome SLT® Cold Weather 4063 is your go-to for extreme cold weather resistance. Complete with a goatskin leather construction and a secure closure wrist,  your hand will stay warm and protected even in the harshest conditions.

Chrome SLT Cold Weather 4063 leather gloves


Looking for a cold-weather leather glove with high-cut resistance?

You've found it. You won't be getting the full warming effect with the Chrome Series® Arctic 4082 as you would with the Chrome SLT 4063 above, but you will get the cut resistance you've been wanting. Plus, it is constructed with a C40 Thinsulate™ interior liner that keeps hands warm when it's considerably chilly outside. The 4082 not only comes complete with a goatskin leather palm and a secure wrist closure, but it features our exclusively licensed SuperFabric® brand material that offers the highest cut resistance on the market without sacrificing your dexterity.

Chrome Series Arctic 4082 cold weather leather gloves

Dealing with potential bump and smash injuries?

With the Rig Lizard Arctic® 2023X, this won't be an issue anymore. Equipped with Level 2 impact resistance from our exclusive IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton™ back-of-hand impact protection, you can say goodbye to smash injuries from accidental drops and slips. Plus, it's waterproof! The paired H2X® waterproofing and C40 Thinsulate™ liners work well at keeping your hands warm and dry, especially while working in slushy, wet environments.

Rig Lizard Arctic 2023X cold weather gloves

Here to try something new?

We've got just the glove – it's a cold-weather glove with unmatched dexterity that's new to the game. The Helix® Series cold weather 2059 is here to reinvent what dexterity means in a cold weather glove. Designed with a highly dexterous 18-gauge knit shell, find comfort and flexibility like never before. Keep your hands warm with a soft fleece liner, but don't worry about having to take your gloves off while operating screens – this glove has added touchscreen capabilities. Finished with a flexible sandy nitrile coating, you'll get a good grip on any potentially wet or slippery materials. 

Helix 2059 cold-weather gloves

Beat out the cold with confidence.

Now you're officially ready to stay warm and safe this winter. But, before we go, we want to remind you to check the size chart for the gloves before you purchase – because of the thermal liners, the glove may fit more snugly to your hand. This may lead you to size up for a proper fit. If you have any questions, please contact us. Stay warm and safe out there!