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Our Values


We're leaders in the safety industry for good reason: our constant push for higher standards and innovation. From our employees to our products, we're casting a vision for workplace safety with no compromises.


We don't just sell products. We're here to serve the hard-working men and women who keep this country running and deserve quality gear. Working as a team, we give our best effort every day and keep the promises we've made to our community.


Safety never takes a day off, so we're always looking for new problems to solve. We believe growth is essential and that means never settling. Our minds are open, and we strive year after year to be better than we were.


One question often heard around here is, "How can we make this better?" We understand that to push the boundaries of safety technology, we can't back down from new ideas or the challenges that come with them.


If we can't have fun making and selling the best PPE on the market, what's the point? We work hard but also value connecting as colleagues and friends in and out of the workplace.