May 13, 2022 3 min read

Do you ever feel like the more time you spend outside and around the house, the more you notice all the maintenance and projects that need to be done? We get it – us too.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of our top five recommended gloves to get you through all your ambitious projects and “to-do” lists. They won’t do the work for you, but they’ll certainly help keep your hands safe.

Chrome SLT® 4060 | Ultimate Impact Protection



Heavy lifting requires some heavy-duty gloves – that’s why the 4060 is perfect for protecting you from splintered wood and cinder block to sharp scrap metal (and any notably abrasive material). With the classic goatskin leather palm, you can expect traditional, yet sturdy protection. Whether you’re clearing out the garage or building the fire pit of your dreams, the 4060 will offer you superior back-of-hand impact protection to protect from any smashes or pinches. Expect 360-degree protection from the 4060.


  • Can withstand high contact heat
  • All around extreme cut resistance
  • High-level impact protection

Helix ® 2076 | Versatility


If you’re looking for the glove of all gloves, stop here. Our Helix® 2076 is one of our top-selling gloves to date for a reason – people love it. The 2076 is a jack-of-all-trades really. Tasks as simple as clearing out flower beds and low brush, to constructing the new lawn furniture you just bought, the 2076 has you covered. The seamless design allows for optimal dexterity, so picking up those tiny screws won’t be a hassle. Its lightweight design calls for long hours of wear without causing hand fatigue. With the slim fitting knit wrist, you can expect dirt and small particles to stay out of the glove.


  • All around cut resistance
  • Seamless design for comfort and breathability
  • Reinforced thumb saddle for longevity and durability

    Rig Lizard ® Thin Lizzie ™ 2095 | Impact protection, extreme dexterity

    Rig Lizard® Thin Lizzie™ 2095 work gloves

    Welcome to your more durable glove for protection against heavy lifting and heavy objects. This could entail chopping, loading, and stacking wood, fall clearing, and spring cleaning. The 2095 is equipped with high impact protection on the back of hand for any dense material that might snap back at your hand. The coating on the 2095 allows for superior abrasion resistance and extreme grip in dry and damp situations.


    • High impact protection with IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton back of hand design
    • Extreme abrasion resistance
    • Seamless fit allowing for dexterity and comfort

      Hex 1 ® 2133 | All-day use, breathable


      Spending long hours doing a home remodel or light yard work? The 2133 would work best for you. As a black slip glove with minimal hi-vis design, this glove finishes with a sleek, non-flashy look. Lightweight and breathable, the 2133 works well in the heat preventing your hand from getting sweaty. The soft material on the back of the thumb even provides a convenient brow cloth for sweat. When using your phone to read the construction instructions, fear not as these gloves are touchscreen compatible.


      • Lightweight back of hand for breathability
      • Touch screen compatible
      • Highly dexterous with form-fitting material

        Rig Lizard ® Thin Lizzie™ 2090X | Powerful grip, abrasion resistance, impact protection


        Boat or water maintenance anyone? We all know how badly it hurts getting your hand caught between the boat and dock. Save your hands from smash and pinch impact injuries while loading and unloading large water objects including boats, docks, and more with our 2090X. The sandy nitrile coating on the palm allows for superior grip in wet situations. With the IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton design on the back of hand, you can expect high impact protection.


        • High impact protection on the back of hand
        • Hi-vis color scheme for increased visibility
        • Extreme abrasion resistance with design and palm coating

          There you have it, our top five gloves to get your DIY itch done safely. Take time while picking out your safety gloves, we want to make sure that the glove fits your standards and comes equipped with the protection you are looking for.

          Have more projects not mentioned above, and you need a glove? Reach out, we’re always here to help.