August 16, 2021 3 min read

Whether you're at home or on the job, the last thing you want is an injury, especially one that impacts one of your five senses - your sight. Your eyes deliver 80 percent of the information you need to perceive the world, and it takes precedence over all other senses.

The good news is that eye injuries are easily one of the most preventable. In fact, over 90% of eye injuries can be prevented simply by wearing safety eyewear.

But when it comes to wearing safety eyewear at home, most people don’t - they simply forget or they don’t have a pair, which is why it’s no surprise that nearly half of the 2.5 million eye injuries that occur annually in the U.S. happen in and around the home.

Why you need a pair in your home ASAP

From everyday activities to some of the more extreme, you might be surprised to see what made the list of eye injury instigators in the home. Take a look at the top activities that cause risk and injury to your eyes:
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Performing home repairs
  • Cooking with grease
  • Cleaning with household chemicals
  • Using bungee cords (yes, really!)
  • And more

This is why safety readiness is so important, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Ocular Trauma agrees. These institutions now recommend that every household have at least one pair of ANSI-approved eyewear for use during projects and activities where the risk of an eye injury may be present. This type of eyewear is manufactured to meet the American National Standards Institute eye protection standard, otherwise known as Z87.

Four considerations for your at-home safety glasses

Choosing the eye protection you need can get confusing. There’s no question that most existing safety glasses on the market are uncomfortable, restrictive, fog up fast, and look… well, pretty bad. Not to mention that they’re often treated as “one size fits all,” instead of taking into consideration different face shapes, applications, and more. These issues lead to people bypassing safety eyewear when they need them most, which in turn, can lead to injuries.

The solution to your safety eyewear needs at home? Finding a pair with the perfect balance of comfort, fit, performance, and style. This balance is called Wearability®, and it’s only from HexArmor®.

1. Comfort

Safety glasses need to be comfortable, with no pressure points on your nose bridge, against the sides of your head, or behind your ears. Look for frames that include a combination of hard and soft components for added comfort.

2. Fit

One size does not fit all, so it’s important to find safety glasses that check all the boxes:
  • Fits close to your face without gaps
  • Fits securely on your head without significant pressure points
  • Stays in place when moving head up and down and side-to-side
  • Allows for full, unobstructed peripheral vision

3. Performance

Performance features are important. Look for wide-angle, wraparound lens design with smooth optical quality; this helps reduce blind spots, eye fatigue, and headaches.

The main features you’ll want are permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, as to keep your glasses from fogging up and scratching. You need to be confident that the coatings won’t stop performing - no matter how many times they’re washed.

4. Style

The need to look and feel good is human nature. Make sure the safety glasses you choose make you feel not only protected – but confident so that you’ll want to wear them!

The bottom line – wear your safety glasses

Don’t become a statistic, protect your eyes! When Wearability® is designed into your frames, it’s easier to keep safety glasses where they should be -- on your face.

HexArmor® safety glasses offer complete, consistent, wearable protection across the board. We're committed to high-comfort design and technology, permanent anti-fog coatings that do not wash off, uncompromised scratch resistance, and complete protection no matter the task.

Have questions about our safety glasses? Reach out, we’re here to help!