VS300S Slim fit

Size guide
Lens Type:
Grey 23%
Lens Coating:
    1. Permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant properties
    2. Slim fit design for those who need a narrower fit
    3. Low-pressure, soft ear pieces
    4. Brow guard provides protection from flying particles, dirt, and dust
    5. Flexible side arms with 7 inclination levels
    6. Dual-injection hard and soft components
    7. Soft flex nose loops ensure even weight distribution on the nose bridge
    8. 100% UV protection
    9. 100% metal free
    10. Compliant with ANSI Z87.1.2015
    11. High Impact Rated Z87+
    12. CSA Z94.3
    13. CE EN166
  • HexArmor® VS products take the wearer experience to a whole new level with premium features that combine functionality, comfort and a high level of protection for optimal Wearability®. This series gives active workers a range of light-weight, pressure free frames to choose from. With ideal lens curvature, the streamlined designs provide a wide field of vision and an exceptional fit around the face. VS is the ideal solution for long-lasting durable protection that can be used for many applications.
    1. Compliant with ANSI Z87.1.2015
    2. High Impact Rated Z87+