Ultrex™1 Standalone face shield

Size guide
    1. Wide back-of-neck support with adjustable height and width for increased wearer comfort
    2. Permanent TruShield® anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings
    3. Meets D3 liquid splash protection – pre-assemble and ready for use
    4. Removable moisture-resistant synthetic leather sweatband
    5. Tight-nested locking and resting positions to ensure balanced center of gravity
    6. Streamlined design for maximum range of motion
    7. Compatible with K2M mechanical earmuffs for a full system
    8. Come inside microfiber storage pouch
    9. 100% UV protection
  • Protect your face with the Ultrex™ 1 standalone face shield system that’s comfortable and offers close-fitting face protection with interior anti-fog and exterior anti-scratch technology. The shield features a height- and width-adjustable head gear that is attached to a wide, panoramic face shield for an innovative, versatile face protection option

    1. K-Series® K2M earmuffs