PointGuard® Ultra 4049

Size guide
    1. Sold in eaches (left hand or right hand)
    2. 1-2 layers of SuperFabric® brand materials in select areas provides industry-leading cut and needlestick resistance (interior layer)
    3. Polyurethane palm 
    4. SlipFit® cuff
    5. Hi-vis color scheme
    6. Launderable
  • The PointGuard® 4049 offers industry-leading protection from needle hazards, setting the standard for hand protection during inoculation procedures. With a unique layering design of SuperFabric® brand materials in select areas, you’ll get industry-leading cut and needlestick resistance with ANSI/ISEA Needlestick Level 3 and Cut A8 on the thumb and pointer finger and Needlestick Level 1 and Cut A6 from the middle finger to the pinky, respectively. Additional features include a SlipFit® cuff assists a quick on and off between tasks, a polyurethane palm grip for precise handling, and a hi-vis back-of-hand design to complete the glove. Sold in eaches.
    1. Cut Resistance (back of hand/palm): ANSI/ISEA level A6
    2. Cut Resistance (bottom of hand/palm): ANSI/ISEA level A8
    3. Needlestick Resistance (back of hand/palm): ANSI/ISEA 105 level 1
    4. Needlestick Resistance (bottom of hand/palm): ANSI/ISEA 105 level 3


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