Size Guide
    1. Permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant properties
    2. Fits over most prescription glasses
    3. Panoramic lens for a wide field of vision
    4. Compatible with other PPE such as respirators
    5. Indirect ventilation system
    6. Combines soft and hard components which adapt to wearer’s face, creating a soft seal
    7. Wide, fully adjustable head strap
    8. 100% UV protection
    9. 100% metal free
  • Complete full-coverage protection plus maximum comfort is what separates HexArmor® LT products from other technical safety eyewear. With innovative soft flex technology that ensures that there are no uncomfortable pressure points when worn for long periods of time, this series gives you an effortless, yet stable, non-slip fit. A renovated modern design allows wearers to pair some of the LT styles with other PPE equipment and most prescription glasses. Available in multiple coatings and tints.
    1. Compliant with ANSI Z87.1.2015
    2. High Impact Rated Z87+
    3. D3/D4 Liquid Splash Rated
Lens Coating:

HexArmor® Safety Eyewear