2134-S (7)

HexBlue™ 2134

Size guide
    1. SuperFabric® brand materials provide industry-leading cut and needlestick resistance on the palm and back of hand (interior layer)
    2. Synthetic leather palm with silicone print delivers abrasion resistance and strong grip in search and pat-down tasks
    3. Back-of-hand neoprene material offers wind and liquid resistance
    4. Adjustable TPR Velcro® closure for a secure fit
    5. Reinforced thumb and index finger saddle for added durability
    6. Palm and fingers are touchscreen-compatible
    7. Pull tab for easy donning and doffing
    8. Highly dexterous fit with form-fitting, quality materials
    9. Launderable for easy decontamination
  • Confidently answer the call of duty with the HexBlue™ 2134 Law Enforcement defense gloves. Combining high performance with premium comfort, style, and fit, the 2134 is purpose-built to handle unexpected situations with industry-leading needlestick and cut protection on the palm and back of hand. A synthetic leather palm with silicone print delivers abrasion resistance and a strong grip in search and pat-down tasks, while the outer back-of-hand neoprene material offers wind and liquid resistance. This extremely durable and dexterous protective search glove features form-fitting materials, an adjustable TPR Velcro® closure, and touchscreen abilities, keeping you safe and at-the-ready on the job.

    1. Cut Resistance: ANSI/ISEA level A6
    2. Needle Resistance: Level 2

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    Ian G.
    United States United States

    Good gloves

    They are really stiff, but I really like them. Down side is that they are not good for doing searches through belongings or anything due to the thickness and unable to really feel through them. However do recommend if you have to get hands on with someone


    SafetyGloves by HexArmor

    Ian, thank you for your feedback! We sincerely appreciate hearing your first-hand experience in the gloves and will pass along the feedback to our team. If you are looking for any tips to further break in the gloves please feel free to contact us at: info@safetygloves.com. Thank you and stay safe!

    Chad J.
    United States United States

    Effective against needle sticks, limited dexterity, excellent grip.

    The gloves make me feel very confident nothing is going to easily penetrate them. The navy blue color also matches my uniform seamlessly. The only con is the limited dexterity. Because of the stiffness of the material it is hard to comfortably make a fist. However, the grip material on the fingers and palms make up for it. If I have to go hands on the grip will make holding on an easier task. At the end of the day it accomplishes what I purchased them for…not to get stuck by a used needle.

    A. Wolfe
    United States United States

    Too thick, hard to use.

    It's great these gloves will protect against needles. However, they are so thick you honestly will miss the needles in the search. You can barley close your hand with these on. In my field of work, I wear gloves any time I have to go hands on with people. I'm afraid these gloves restrict my movement too much that I don't ever wear them.


    SafetyGloves by HexArmor

    Thank you for your feedback - we sincerely appreciate your honesty. The 2134 gloves are made with our exclusively licensed brand material, SuperFabric®, which is known to be stiff at first, especially when stacked to provide extra needle-resistance. We highly recommend that the gloves be broken in for better use. You can do this by wearing them around your house and letting the warmth of your palm warm up the glove to fit your hand better. We have found that these gloves are ideal for evidence collection and in controlled situations, however, it is not recommended these gloves be used with firearms or tasers. Our top priority is your safety, so we would really like to help you find the right glove. Send us an email, we would like to get a glove solution that will work for you: info@safetygloves.com

    Mike H.
    United States United States

    tight hand long fingers

    I ordered a med which usually fit well but fingers are long (my fingers are short). when I tried them on fingers were still long but the hand fit very tight (like a small would). Not sure of a remedy if I go to large the fingers will be even longer. Great gloves, material and construction, just a bit tight in the hand.

    Tyler F.
    United States United States

    Needs flexibility for top and bottom. Can't make a fist

    I'm sure it will stop any cuts but it is not flexible at all and that is not what a police officer or security guard or a soldier or an American patriot needs. Even if you think it's for “for searching“ in order to search you need to have Manuel dexterity to feel and to actually be able to bend your fingers instead of having a pancake for a hand. As someone who has worked as airport security I know. Basically the glove is not flexible and all the people you're trying to sell this too, tactical people, they're telling you that it's not flexible enough. And you just tell us well it's for safety, but we need it to be flexible. So here's a solution: overlapping layers, or gusseted layers. Look at a medieval gauntlet, it has overlapping plates which increases the flexibility, because the cut is not likely to come from the rear of the hand. If you want to seal that gap just make it gusseted, so where there would be an open spot between the overlapping plates, just make a loop like a pocket. I think the segmented overlapping layers idea would be good because then you can bend your hand all the way down into a fist because I just can't make a fist with any of your gloves except for the 4045s. The 4045s are good.