Helmet sweatband

Size guide
    1. Supplied as standard with XP200, XP250, XP200E, XP250E, XP450A, XP450AE
    2. Moisture-resistant synthetic leather
    3. Wide ear-to-ear coverage
    4. Absorbs and wicks away sweat
    5. Launderable and replaceable
  • This moisture-resistant, synthetic leather sweatband wraps around the front and sides of your head as an integrated component of your safety helmet's head ring. Launderable and replaceable, the sweatband absorbs and wicks away sweat to keep your eyes clear and your face and neck more comfortable, so you can take control of your sweat and focus on the job.
    1. XP200E
    2. XP200
    3. XP250
    4. XP250E
    5. XP450A
    6. XP450AE