Face shield window

Size guide
    1. Requires a previous face shield purchase
    2. Compatible with both mechanical and Click-and-Go™ face shield kit
    3. Easy attachment
    4. Meets ANSI Z87.1-2015, Z87+, CE EN166, CSA Z94.3 standards
    5. Meets D3 liquid splash protection
  • For use with both mechanical and Click-and-Go™ magnetic face shield kits, the replacement face shield window accessory includes our groundbreaking TruShield® coating, with hard coat scratch resistance on the outside of the window and permanent fog resistance on the inside. You haven’t experienced clear vision like this in a safety helmet face shield.
    1. Ceros® XP Click-and-Go® Magnetic Face Shield Kit
    2. Ceros® XP Mechanical Face Shield Kit
    3. Ceros® XP250IES