4073W-XS (6)

Chrome SLT® 4073W

Size guide
    1. 360° C100 Thinsulate™ interior liner that keeps hands warm in harsh environments
    2. HPPE and steel blend liner provides industry-leading 360° ANSI/ISEA Level A6 cut resistance (interior layer)
    3. Goatskin leather palm offers superior abrasion resistance
    4. Goatskin leather forchettes paired with full a leather wrap-around index finger provides better durability
    5. Back-of-hand impact guards provide ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 2 protection on knuckles and fingers
    6. Wind and water resistant soft shell on back-of-hand
    7. Tapered impact guards at fingertips to prevent catch hazards
    8. Extended cuff with knit wristlet
    9. Reinforced thumb saddle
    10. Grip in dry or light oil situations
    11. Form-fitting, quality materials
    12. High dexterity
  • Block out the cold even in the harshest environments with the Chrome SLT® Winter 4073W. Fully equipped with our C100 Thinsulate™ liner, your hands will stay warm in extreme cold. Find dexterity with the goatskin leather palm and forchette that provides a traditional feel with a durable and solid grip in dry or light oil situations. The HPPE/steel blend linter offers all-around, high-cut resistance to protect your hand from sharps and harsh edges. Protect yourself from bumps and smashes with impact guards that offer Level 2 resistance on the knuckles and fingers.

    1. Cut Resistance: ANSI/ISEA level A6
    2. Puncture Resistance: ANSI/ISEA 3
    3. Impact Protection: ANSI/ISEA 138 level 2
    4. Abrasion Resistance: ANSI/ISEA level 4
    5. CE Pending