4067W-S (7)

Chrome SLT® 4067W

Size guide
    1. 360° C100 Thinsulate interior liner keeps hands warm in harsh environments
    2. Sewn-on, hi-vis back-of-hand impact guards provide ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 2 protection on knuckles and fingers
    3. HPPE/Steel liner for 360° cut protection (interior layer)
    4. Buffalo skin leather construction provides excellent durability and abrasion resistance
    5. SlipFit® cuff with hook and loop closure for a secure fit
    6. Grip in dry or light oil situations
    7. Form-fitting, quality materials
    8. High dexterity
  • Keep hands warm and protected from the cold weather this season with the C100 Thinsulate liner that keeps hands warm in the coldest of cold environments. Impact injuries are reduced with full back-of-hand impact protection that offers Level 2 protection paired with an internal cut-resistant liner providing high-level cut protection from sharps and harsh edges. The 4067W comes complete with a buffalo skin leather exterior providing superior grip and abrasion resistance in wet situations while still giving you that traditional leather feel.

    1. Cut Resistance: ANSI/ISEA level A7
    2. Puncture Resistance: ANSI/ISEA level 3
    3. Impact Protection: ANSI/ISEA 138 level 2