Remembering HexArmor's Jordan Pier

Jordan’s work ethic was solid. He was driven – and his drive rubbed off on others in sales. He would treat his work like a game and challenge others to out-shine him. "Is that the best you got?" was a phrase he used to stir others into striving to be their best.

He was also a prankster and was never afraid tell it like it was, which made interacting with him that much more…entertaining. He knew how to break up a day with humor in his own unique ways such as leaving Post-it® notes on new employees’ desks with messages like, 'you're late and your boss is looking for you' to "initiate" them.

He made a statement with his style – daily flannel shirt (or buck shirt), blue jeans, and cowboy boots – a trend his HexArmor family has now adopted on Fridays in tribute. Regarding his style, Jordan always quipped 'I don’t know if you know this, but I’m very stylish.' So true, friend.

He loved his country, hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors – often to the benefit of other "HexArmorions" when he would bring in homemade "Jordan's Venison Sausage Beer Cheese Dip" or venison jerky.

He’d have "smiles for miles" and when he entered the room, you knew it because the air changed for the better. He was a generous soul – and would tip 100% on a haircut and 40% to servers when dining out.

Above all, family was top priority for Jordan. Any spare time he had outside of work, he was eager to share with his family. He is survived by his loving wife Hannah, and their two beautiful children, Ellie and Jackson.

HexArmor is dedicated to supporting his family and leaving a legacy in his name. 
We will miss our friend and colleague.