SharpsMaster II® 9014

Size guide
    1. Highest needlestick resistance available
    2. 3 layers of SuperFabric®
    3. Highest level of cut resistance on enhanced areas
    4. Actifresh™ anti-microbial palm
    5. Tested with 25-gauge needles
    6. Incredible dexterity and comfort
  • Working with sharp edges can be an intimidating task. Take the edge off with SharpsMaster II® 9014 and protect your hands from blades, metal, glass, and more. Keep your hands clean with an elastic knit wrist that's great at blocking out dirt and debris. Plus, with a palm that guards against microbes and abrasions, you can count on safety wrapped in comfort and dexterity.
    1. Cut Resistance: ANSI/ISEA level A9
    2. Needlestick Resistance (Palm): ANSI/ISEA level 4