Size Guide
    1. Permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant properties
    2. Dual-injection soft-grip side arms for a slip-free, stable fit
    3. Brow guard provides additional protection from flying particles, dirt, or dust
    4. Soft nose piece for comfortable and secure fit
    5. Integrated channel for eye ventilation
    6. 100% UV protection
    7. Metal-free hinge design
  • HexArmor® MX products offer a range of safety eyewear with a modern wrap around design that allows for both maximum protection and a wide field of vision. Each unique frame design uses HexArmor® German-engineered dual component, adaptive side arm technology for a non-slip high comfort fit
    1. Compliant with ANSI Z87.1.2015
    2. High Impact Rated Z87+
Lens Coating: