Arc-flash tested HexShade®UV for Radians hard hats

Size guide
Product Compatibility:
    1. Arc-flash tested removable neck shade to ASTM F2178 33 cal/cm2
    2. No melt, no drip, and no ignition between 27.7 cal/cm2 and 44 cal/cm2
    3. Weather-resistant material for durable, secure utility
    4. Keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your neck and shoulders
    5. Snaps onto the safety helmet in the front and back
    6. Extends shade protection by up to three inches
    7. Reflective strip
  • When harsh sun conditions are combined with electrical work, HexShade®UV by SnapBrim™ has you covered. Designed with the outdoor worker in mind, this lightweight, easy-to-use Ceros® safety helmet accessory extends superior shade protection by up to three inches to help protect areas on wearers’ faces where there’s high sun exposure on the job. Complete with an arc tested removable neck shade for extra back-of-neck protection, HexShade®UV’s firm, weather-resistant shade brim easily snaps right on to the safety helmet for fast, secure, and easy-to-use utility – helping workers achieve better productivity and safety on the job.
    1. Full Brim: Quartz™