2142-XS (6)

Hex1® 2142

Size guide
    1. Aramid blend liner offers all-around cut resistance
    2. Goatskin leather shell provides exceptional dexterity and comfort with a traditional style
    3. Back-of-hand bump protection keeps your hands safe
    4. Extended safety cuff for increased protection against dirt and debris
    5. Hi-vis details
  • Are you looking for a classic leather feel with modern safety features? You've got it. The Hex1® 2142 is the perfect general-duty leather work glove for those days around the yard or shop where you need some extra coverage and supplemental cut resistance with an extended cuff. And, you can protect your knuckles while working with heavier equipment with the back of hand bump protection. Plus, if you're working around hot pipes or equipment, you can expect some heat resistance too.
    1. Cut resistance: ANSI/ISEA level A3
    2. Puncture resistance: ANSI/ISEA level 3
    3. Arc Flash level 3 Rating: Lab tested in accordance with HRC ATPV at 35 Cal/cm2
    4. EN407 tested for:
    5. Burning Behavior level 4
    6. Contact Heat level 1
    7. Radiant Heat level 1
    8. Small Splashes of Molten Metal level 4
    9. Large Splashes of Molten Metal level 2
    10. CE score 3X22C