Tips for staying safe while working in the heat + the PPE you need | SafetyGloves by HexArmor

July 06, 2022 3 min read

Working outside in the summertime can be rough. The sun’s beating down on you, it’s hot outside, and the conditions are prime for dehydration and heat-related hazards. Staying safe and protected as you complete your projects this summer should be at the top of the list. But don’t sweat it, you can stay safe and productive this summer with some quick-and-easy heat safety refresher tips. We’ll also show you a few warm-weather work gloves that will keep your hands cool during the grind.

Here are three tips to help stay safe while working in hot weather:

1. Hydrate

Forever true – hydration is key. Lots of water is the difference between an emergency room visit and admiring the backyard you worked on all day. Without water, your body will have no way to sweat which will inhibit you from naturally cooling yourself off, and eventually, your body will shut down. Taking frequent water breaks is vital – studies show you need to be drinking one cup of water every 15-20 minutes that you are working in the sun to stay adequately hydrated. You can even take smaller sips more often to play it safe.  

2. Rest

We know you want to get your roofing set, the 50 yards of mulch laid, and the engine-rebuild complete all in one day and we’re not doubting that you can do it – we just want you to take some breaks. Being the go-getter that you are can be exhausting, especially when it’s 85° degrees and sunny outside. Just get your work done safely by taking a 15-30 minute break, preferably in the shade. Doing so will reduce your risk of taking on a heat-related illness.

3. Shade

While we’re on the subject…enjoy the sun as much as you want, but make sure to take some moments in the shade – especially when you are feeling drained, crampy, lightheaded, or overheated. If you’re out on a job for the day, perhaps bring a tent with you or locate the nearest accessible air-conditioned building or vehicle for some respite from the sun.

But wait, don’t forget your PPE!

Dressing for the climate is a game-changer when it comes to staying cool. Lightweight, lighter-colored long-sleeve shirts and breathable pants are recommended. One, it will keep you protected from the sun, and two, it will act as a small barrier between your skin and the outdoor elements. Clothing and PPE with vented or cooling attributes are highly recommended to stay comfortable and productive.

Here are some Safety Gloves® PPE options we recommend for working in the heat:

  • Chrome Oasis® 4030 – Breathable back-of-hand vented technology to release heat from your hand.
  • Chrome SLT® line 4070, 4071, 4072 - All lightweight gloves with the durability to protect your hands successfully while keeping them cool in the hot sun.
  • Rig Lizard® Thin Lizzie™ 2090X – The shell is designed to keep hands cool, while the sandy palm and back-of-hand impact protection offers increased impact and cut resistance.
  • Helix® 2076 – Lightweight knit keeps hands cool and protected.

A final note.

Are you still looking for more summer PPE? Check out our 100% UV-resistant safety eyewear with permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant technology. From adjustable side arms, to transitioning lenses, we are certain there is a pair for you. You can check out our eyewear here.

Stay safe out there – the summer sun, although enticing, can have some negative effects on the body, so be sure to follow those safety tips and prepare with proper PPE. If you have any additional questions about PPE offerings or need more resources, reach out, we’re always here to help.